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mia legenstein - biography


Mia is known for her bass-oriented minimal beats combined with charming electronic sound. Experimenting with different genres and influences, she has already proved to be an exceptionally versatile artist. Happy deep house is but one of her specialties together with tech-house, minimal tunes, down beat, French chansons, classical music and avant-garde experiments. Due to her openness to different styles of music and her sense of creating the right atmosphere, she has become a popular choice for top events. Her love for the beat makes the crowd go wild in every club.


In order to be so successful, she has to offer a wide variety in her artistic work. Trained in singing and dancing, Mia captures the eyes and ears of her audience performing on stage in well-known clubs like Flex (Vienna), but also on festivals, in theatres and bars. She has already gained international experience in Paris, Belgrade, London, Washington, Australia and Germany. Openings of exhibitions, fashion shows, literary readings and art auctions (e.g. Schauspielhaus Vienna, Kubus Export, Austrian Embassy Washington D.C.) are regularly accompanied by her sound. At the Fashion Week in Paris, she designs every season the right sound for the runway. She appears also in live electronic acts.


Under the name , she performed with her co-worker Tina Nirtl and created her own style in the genre of sound poetry (installations at Kunsthaus Vienna, performances at the Ensemble Theatre of Vienna, etc.)



Engagements (extract): Design Award 2007 Ringstrassengallerien, Springfestival Spring.Festival 07/Graz, ImPulsTanz Festival 06 (W),

Release: 2 tracks on Gemeindebau Kompilat (2009)

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